Breakup Situations That Keep You Wondering

When times get colder and the holidays start coming, you might want to be with someone during those times. Or, when it gets summer and you want to go on vacations and have fun, chances are that you will want to be with someone to do all those things with you. Then, you may want to even breakup with them before the next season because you don’t want to have to be with them all through the year.

This kind of thing is called a cuffing season. This is when you have relationships that can get you through certain times such as winter. Things have changed since the pandemic and how people date, but people are still looking for bonds with other people that are cuffing bonds.

Since cuffing season isn’t about finding someone to be in a long-term relationship with, it involves a kind of interaction that is a situation. This is something that happens when people are being casual with each other, and everyone knows or agrees with this kind of situation. This means that you aren’t using terms of spouse or partner, but you are finding ways to describe something that is not so permanent. You might call it a fling or a summertime love.  This can get tricky because you have to find two people that agree with the terms.

This is not always bad though and sometimes this kind of dating can lead to things that are more. This is sometimes called a situationship and it is when you are able to look at the possibilities without expecting something permeant. You will find that you can meet your needs and your goals by being honest and open with each other.

There is no wrong or right way to be in a relationship because this kind of thing can be okay if both of the partners are in the know and expect what is happening. If one person wants more and the other person doesn’t, that is when the problems come.

Dealing with a situationship breakup can be hard and you can face a situation where you don’t know what to do next. Here are some tips on how to handle this.

You Can Call it a Breakup

There is no real label on this kind of relationship and so it is easy to say things like, “we weren’t even together really,” to make things feel less hurtful. Just because someone has a label on a relationship doesn’t make it real or fake. People in them are the ones that make the relationship work, not the name. This takes time and emotions to work out. So, if you choose to breakup in a situation relationship, it can disrupt your life because it is something that you have become used to. You might even have feelings about this.

Emotions and Feelings

No matter what kind of word you want to use to call this relationship an end, it can leave you feeling angry or disappointed. You can have feelings about this breakup, even if the relationship wasn’t permeant. Allow yourself to have these emotions. It is okay to feel things and to work through things just like you would any other breakup.

Get Support

It is not always easy to find someone to support you when you aren’t even allowing yourself to feel your emotions. It is harder to believe that you deserve support in this kind of situation. But you should talk to someone that you love and trust and allow yourself to say what you feel.

Even if you think you weren’t really together, be honest with your feelings and remember that you need to talk to someone that is just going to listen and not give their opinion on your choices.

Write The Feelings Down

If you are not able to find someone that you can trust to talk to, write down your feelings. You need to find a way to get your emotions out and to feel better about your life.

Write down every feeling both positive and negative that you are having. Challenge your true feelings and let your thoughts get on paper. Even if something doesn’t seem real to you, remember that you had real moments and feelings when you were with this person.

Feelings that Last

Make sure that you are not rushing yourself through your feelings. These feelings may last of ra while and that is okay. Give yourself time and space to get better. Work through things that are holding you back and remember the times that you have made it through difficult times. You can go through your ending, and you can move forward.

Look at the Lessons it Taught You

Once you are able to heal, think about what you learned in the situation. Learn from the relationship and find out what happened that went wrong. You need to heal and grieve and then find out what you can do after you move forward. Maybe you will go back to the same person or maybe you will make other choices, that is completely up to you.

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