How Old is Your Soul?

Have you ever met someone that seems more mature than you even though they are much younger? If you have ever heard of an old soul, you have probably met one. This person might not have age in their body, but they seem to have age in their personality. This probably means that they have an older soul age.

Many people believe that the soul goes through different lives and when this happens the soul learns different lessons in life. This is part of reincarnation. The thought is that it brings awareness to who you are and helps you reach your soul consciousness.

The age that your soul is refers to how much experience that you have on earth and in the other lives that you have had. It is no accident that you go through these different stages and as you exist and survive, you see that the physical world will teach you things about your emotions, your life and your soul.

There are different cycles that you might go through such as:

Stage 1

This stage is the first stage, and it is when your soul is young. This is when you learn to survive who you are. This can mean that there is fear and that you experience things that are mysterious. This is an easy stage and a stage where you develop who you are. You learn about society, and you will have contact with people and with the supernatural.

Stage 2

In the second stage, your soul is young, and you have to learn to live in society. You have to learn to focus on things that help you survive but also to focus on being secure and meeting new people. You need to learn to belong.

As the soul advances, you have to have structure and you have to figure out who you are. You might have traditions that you follow, or you might like a simple life with very few rules. The lesson that you learn here will be who you are as an individual.

Stage 3

The third stage is when you are still a young soul. You stop limiting yourself and you learn to express who you are. You can reach your full will and you can have power to control what you do and what you think.

You will stop running to materials or you will be one that only cares about that. You will be successful, and you will let the world and other people influence you. You will work, be independent, motivated and more to make sure you have what you need.

You might be afraid of getting older and you worry about who you are, what you look like and the trends around you. You may try to impress others and show off. You have a sense of self, but you want to compete with others.

Stage 4

This stage is when you start to mature, and you realize what life is missing. You question yourself on things and you want to know how to achieve things that you want in your life. You find happiness and you discover who yourself and others are.

You take on the perspectives of others and you learn to figure out who people are, you enjoy other cultures, and you find out how to control your emotions. You let your soul look inside and focus on who you are. Are you kind and loving? Are you sensitive and do you cooperate?  This is a time where your soul will try to find out who you are and what is important to you.

Stage 5

As this stage comes you will be an old soul. You realize what life is missing and you question who you are. You want to know more about your spiritual man and what makes you to feel whole and not sad. You want happiness. You have developed balance and you want to pass your knowledge to others.

This is where you will see life from a different point of view. You will want to live your life and let others live. You will experience things and you will not depend on your emotions to keep you strong. You realize that you can live with others, and you can be responsible for yourself. You honor others and the differences that they have.

An old soul is developed and is one that can work with others to reconnect with the world around them. The soul is successful and has love. It helps you to live your real life and to communicate and learn new things.

Knowing the Age of Your Soul

If you want to know the age of your soul, it is best to wait until you are older. If you do it too young, then you will not be able to keep it separate from who you are. Many people allow this to distort their thoughts of who they are, and it can cause them to make poor decisions.

The first part of your life needs to be worked on and finding out who you are can distort that thinking and cause you to not really know who you are.

You can figure out how old your soul is, but you will need to know that people have different lessons that they need to learn. As your soul develops you will be able to find common ground with who you are and what your soul says. A young soul doesn’t understand the spiritual being inside of them.

The age of your soul will help you to understand why things like rejection have happened and will help you to understand your emotions. These are things that can come as your soul ages, and you become an old soul. You will be more motivated to live your life as best as you can once you understand your own behavior. Understanding your emotions can help you to mature your soul and to be able to react well with other people.

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