Does Divorce Equal Karma?

There are many reasons that people will get married, some for love and others for reasons like stability and money. If people marry because they have had to deal with things from the past, this can be a karmic relationship. This is something that has to be worked through because these relationships can be hard.

A karmic marriage is one that is a cause and effect. One of the things that happens will lead to something else happening. If you do good things to people, good will come back to you and if you do bad things to people, bad will come back to you. As karma is made between two people, they might get married, and this is a karmic marriage.

Why Have a Karmic Marriage?

There are different past things that can lead to someone getting into a karmic marriage such as:

  • One person did bad things to another person and this marriage is a way that they can make those things right.
  • One person might have murdered someone in their past life and the karmic marriage is teaching them to live a peaceable life with someone else.
  • In the past, the two might have wanted to have a new life and they had a baby together.
  • One person might have hurt the other and the marriage is there to show them what pain feels like.
  • Marriage is a learning lesson that is mean to teach them to be better people.

A karmic marriage is a contract that is called a soul contract. This means that they have worked together in their past life and now they are working together again to learn a lesson. As the relationship goes through lifetimes, the people that you have karmic ties with come back to you eventually.

Being in a karmic relationship doesn’t always mean that you were with this person romantically in the past life, it could easily be a friendship or a family member that you had unfinished things to deal with from the past.

Traits of a Karmic Relationship

You might think that a karmic relationship would be a relationship that would be perfect but that isn’t true. Most relationships like this are full of pain and suffering.

These kinds of relationships are usually dramatic and very intense, and they are strongly connected. This happens because the soul remembers your soul and they know that they are meant to be together.

These kinds of relationships have a lot of ups and downs, and they are ones that you will probably break up with and then get back together over and over again. This will be someone that you think about always and when they leave you, it can cause immense hurt.

A karmic marriage will seem like a toxic relationship to people that are seeing it from the outside and this is most likely true.

Ending a Karmic Marriage

Relationships that are karmic relationships will probably end in a divorce. This happens because:

  • The relationship is too intense, and they cannot handle the drama.
  • There is a lot of pain, and it ends the relationship.
  • The relationship will just crash and there is no stability.

When this happens, this kind of relationship normally ends in divorce. Some karmic marriages will stay together but they will hardly ever be healthy. If you are in a karmic relationship and you have done all that you can to make the relationship good, but it isn’t, chances are that it will end.

Let the relationship go so that you can pay your karmic debt and move forward. This is the time of a lesson, and you need to make sure that you learn the lesson the first time. You can then move on and find new love.

If you are in a karmic marriage, try to look deep into your relationship and see if it is going to be worth saving or if it is time to move on.

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