When Your Partner Isn’t Meant to Be Complete You

Being in a relationship can be confusing and there are some things that you need to know before you are in a relationship or to make the relationship that you are in better.

Here are some things that you should know:

Completing You

Your partner is meant to be your partner and they are not meant to complete you in your life. They are not the piece of the puzzle that is missing.

Even though your partner should make you happy and should let you have fun, they should not be the only person in your life that you go to or that you expect to be there for you. You should be able to live your life in a single fashion, as if they weren’t there.

You need to know that you can survive if your partner is with you or not. You should never have fear that your partner would leave you and that your life would be over.

Relationships Outside of the Relationship

You and your partner should both have friends outside of the relationship. You should spend a lot of your time together, but you should also spend a lot of your time apart.

There should be people in your life such as friends, family, and other people that you spend time with when you don’t take your partner with you. This can be going out for a girls night or having dinner at your parents’ house.

Arguing But Not Breaking Up

You and your partner will argue and fight. This is part of life and part of reality. Everyone argues and has disagreements here and there.

Just because you and your partner fight or bicker over things that are small doesn’t mean that the relationship is going to end. You should never have fear that the relationship is going to be over just because you had a blowup.

Taking Space

It is important that you and your partner have space from each other. This can mean you need to take a long bath or take a nap.

Having time away from you and your partner makes the relationship much healthier. You should have me time and they should have they time. This can help you to have healthy boundaries and to have a stronger relationship.

If you are spending all of your time together and you never take time to have your own space, you will find that your relationship will be lacking and that you will get aggravated with each other easier.

You don’t have to always sit around and talk to your partner day in and day out, but you can take a break to do things you enjoy on your own.

Attraction is Real

Just because you are with someone doesn’t mean that you are blind to other people in your life. You will see people that you think are attractive and you may even do some harmless flirting. If you do this, it is okay as long as it never goes past that.

Make sure that you are keeping your communication open with your partner and be honest about the idea that there are people that are just as good looking like your partner. You should never expect that you will not find each other attractive when you hook up with your partner but know that this attraction will last as long as you are together.

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