How to Know if He’s the One

When you are looking for the “one” to come into your life, you have to know that there is a plan for you and that there is a path that is there that can lead you to love. You can find good things in your life and you can come to a time where you will give yourself to God and He will give you what you need.

God will give you someone that you can love and someone that will understand you and when he comes to you, you will know.

Not all love looks the same and everyone is different. When you are a Christian and you are looking for marriage, you will see that there are things that you need in a relationship to make it grow and to be on the right path:

  • Finding someone that will listen to you. You need to meet someone that wants to know more about you and has the same interests in you. Does he like what you like? Does he care about what you want in the future and does he want his dreams to match yours? You are not going to be the same but when there are things that are important like your values, family, dreams, children and more, you need to match up.
  • Respect. Meeting a guy that respects you is very important. This person needs to know that you love God, and you are His child. He will need to show you that you are valuable and treat you with love and respect.
  • Heart. This person will not just care about what you look like or about how you dress. He will be attracted to you because of your heart and your personality. He will not be superficial, and he will see you the way that God sees you. What is in his heart will be in his whole being and he will want to make you his wife in the future. He will respect you to be who you are and will see your beauty on the inside and out.
  • Pleasing you. This person will want you to be happy. He will do what he can to see you smile. He will buy you small gifts or take you places that make you happy. He will desire to please you and he will want to impress you.
  • Best of you. He will want you to be who you are when you are with him and he will want to make you a better person. He will love you and be patient with you. If you are struggling, he will be there to help you with your stress and to calm you down. He will do what he can to make you smile when you are sad. He will bring you peace and quiet in the middle of the storm. He will be there for you no matter what.
  • Faith. This guy will share your faith. He will live according to the Bible and he will do what he can to make you see God in him. He will love Christ and he will encourage you to do the same.
  • Putting God first. This person will not be jealous that you read the Bible or that you go to church. He will want you to love God over him and he will want you to know God personally. He will want to know God with you and work towards loving the Lord as a team.
  • Encouraging you. He will encourage you to find your talents and he will do what he can to praise God in all that he does. He will do what he can with his gifts to show his love for God. He will encourage you to use your talents for God and to live for him.
  • Home. This person will make you feel at home when you are with him. He will want you to be independent and codependent with him. He knows you can live without him, but he wants you to want to live with him.
  • Chasing you. He will come after you and chase after you because he will want to be with you. He will show you respect along the way, but he will come after you to show you how much he cares.

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