Learn to Lose Feelings You’ve Caught

Chances are that you have been in a place where you have met someone, and you have dated and enjoyed their time but now all of a sudden it seems like they have slowed down in making an effort to be with you. Maybe he no longer responds quickly to your texts or when you ask him out, he always seems so busy.

What You Feel Inside

You wonder why this is happening and you might even stalk him on Facebook to see why he is ignoring you. You wonder what you did wrong and you wonder why he has slowed down his affection for you and if he has fallen for someone else.

This can really be that you just need to let the relationship develop and stop trying to rush things. Commitment doesn’t happen immediately and even if you feel that you want to be in a strong or intimate relationship, sometimes the relationship will not move as fast as you hope that it will.

You must learn to slow down and let the relationship build. You want to do this so that you can get the attention and the excitement that you want in the relationship but what you really need to do is to give your partner space.

This happens because you are putting too much effort in and that means that you are wanting to make the relationship stronger where he might just be afraid or feel anxious because of it. It is a bad idea to rush into any relationship and you need to get to a point where you are building the relationship so that you can feel safe and that it can be good for everyone.

Learning to slow down is hard to do but you have to make this a skill. You need to learn to let things go the way that they are and see if you even fit into this relationship.

Stop and take time to look at the relationship and learn to put yourself first and to make sure that your personal needs are taken care of so that your partner does not have to pick up the pieces that you should have fixed.

Learn to slow down and stop chasing this person and have self-respect. Make sure that you have an opportunity to be with someone and you can do this by not acting desperate.

Give him time to get on the same page as you or you will be disappointed in this relationship. Here are some ways that you can slow down so that your relationship can be healthy:

Honor Other Connections

If someone stops paying attention to you it can cause you to be upset or to feel that you are spiraling out of control. Doing this is not good and you have to get yourself together. Even if you feel alone, you aren’t. Find a friend to connect with and to go out with and have fun in your life.

Be with your friends and just because you are with someone, it doesn’t mean that you should give up on other relationships. They need you just like you need them.

Always make sure that you make plans with other people and that you keep your social life active. Also, date other people until the relationship is really serious.

If you find that the person you are with begins to pull away, don’t get upset, just let them go. There are millions of other people in the world who would love to date you and even if you are disappointed, we all go through this.

You have people to go out with so go out and flirt and have fun. Keep your options open and do not lose connections that you make with other people.

It doesn’t matter that you like this person, you can like someone that is not good for you and if you are putting too much effort into the relationship, you need to back off.

Feelings and Investments

Pay attention to what you are feeling and even if your feelings are strong, it doesn’t mean you are meant to be with this person.

Always question what you are feeling and pay attention to how this person makes you feel and what they make you think. Do you feel that this person will make a good partner for you? Do you feel that you are matched up with them correctly?

If you are falling hard for this person, you will be excited to be with them, but remember the relationship is new and you are still getting to know this person.

You can have feelings of attraction for someone and this doesn’t mean that you are really interested in who they are. Question your feelings and pay attention to what is going on inside of you. Do not have to force approval from this person and if they are not treating you good, move on.

Do not give someone too much power over you that you cannot walk away. If the relationship is not healthy for you then it is something you have invested too much time in and you need to walk out the door.

Check out and see if you are being honest with your feelings and what you want from this person. If they have bad behavior and you are excusing it, you are making a big mistake.

Relationships in the beginning are normally good but pay attention to what happens later. Are they still excited to be around you? Do you know them the way that you wanted to? Be logical and pay attention to the stages of the relationship.


Care about who you are and make sure that you are taking care of you first and foremost. You can take care of someone else after you have done what you can to make sure that you are doing good and that you have what you need.

Do things in your daily life such as workout and eat healthy. Find things to do such as take a class and have hobbies. Connect with your friends and make sure that your life feels good and that you have energy.

Make goals for yourself and work on them until you accomplish them. Do whatever it takes to reach your goals. Do you want to start a new business? Do it now.

Do not let your life turn into years of wishing that you had chosen a different relationship. Avoid being with someone that makes you feel bad or someone that doesn’t want you to better yourself. Be with someone that makes you feel good and feel loved.

Being with someone that makes you feel loved will leave you feeling happy and will want you to reach your desires. It will be a magical relationship. You will discover who you are, and you will see that your life is fulfilled. Doing this makes you feel better about who you are and stops you from acting desperate.

Do not be with someone that makes you feel unworthy. Taking care of yourself means that you invest in people that make you feel good about yourself and you stay away from those that don’t. Don’t waste your time on people that you have to work too hard for. Be with someone that appreciates who you are now.

Take care of yourself and trust your inner self and you will find a perfect love when it is time.

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