Learn How to Not Fall in Love with Your Best Friend

Do you have a close friend, and you are starting to have romantic feelings for them? Even though sometimes this works out, this can overall be a bad idea.

Having a best friend in your life is very important and most best friends are part of your life in your good times and your bad. You will have strong emotions for this person because you will share everything with them from your feelings to everything that you have.

The stronger of a bond that you have with your best friend can cause you to start to develop romantic feelings. Even though we all want to be in love with our best friend, this might not be a good idea for you and your friendship.

Think Things Over

You need to look inside and see if you really have feelings for them or if this is just something you have temporarily. Think about what makes you think you love them and what you will do if you would happen to be in a relationship with them.

Make sure that you aren’t just falling for someone that is always there for you.

Tell Yourself Why This is Not Smart

You need to take time to think about why this is not a good idea. Remember that this is your best friend and what if you create a place where things become awkward? No one wants to lose their best friend and you never know what will happen if you make that next move.

If you come up with the idea that your feelings are extreme and you have to take a risk, do it, but know it is a risk.

Stop Hanging Out So Much

Start by hanging out less with your best friend. Don’t just stop hanging out all together but take your time away form him to see if you have different feelings.

This can help you to realize if you really are in love with him or if you are just having a strange feeling right now. Stay apart as much as you can and keep your distance for a while.

Consequences of Dating

Think about all of the things that can go wrong if you choose to make the next move. What if he finds someone else that he falls for or what if he stops wanting to talk to you or hang out with you.

Once you think things through, see if it stops you from having the idea of dating him.

Talk About It

If you think that you have a great relationship with your best friend, talk to them about your feelings. If you don’t feel like you can talk to him right now, talk to someone else about it and allow yourself to say what you are feeling.

When best friends begin to date each other, there can be a great romance that comes out of it, but it will always be a different kind of intimacy. Think twice before you make a move to date your best friend.

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