Why You Need to Take a Break Today

Does it seem like you are constantly burning the candle at both ends?  When you are in a cohabitating relationship, you can split the daily duties with another person.  However, when you are single, you are on your own to navigate the weight of responsibility.  On one hand, the independence of being single can feel freeing.  You don’t have to answer to how money is spent, you can leave dirty dishes in the sink, and you get the whole bed to yourself.  But sometimes, you just want a partner to help lighten the load of a complex day from being squarely on your shoulders.

Remember, no one is truly independent.  You have a garbage truck haul away your trash, and there is a farm to transit to store pipeline to enable you to get your groceries.  This shift in mindset can help you whenever you are too fixated on the single life.  Reach out to other single friends to see how they are coping with juggling the thrill of living alone with the desire to share daily chores or complex problems with someone else.  Also, if you are struggling, talk about it with other people.  You don’t need to have an extensive network of contacts.  Simply pick a few names to reach out to and be willing to adjust your schedule to their needs.  Sometimes, you will be surprised to see how people rally to help you.

If someone does help you out, make sure to show your appreciation.  Begin by stating your gratitude after they finish.  Then the next day, you might want to consider picking them up a treat to say thank you, or offering to help them with a future project.  Friendship is a community event and we each need to take turns giving and receiving.

For those in relationships, not every moment together will be easy.  Sometimes partner can be selfish or too overtaxed to help you.  Other times, people will play the martyr and tackle everything on their own because they are unable to ask for assistance.  However, these are tricky slopes and can easily cause one or both partners to burn out.

If you aren’t able to get a loved one’s help, be willing to hire someone for the chore.  Yes, there is an added expense, but you must prioritize your health and sanity first.  Be mindful of how many plates you currently have spinning in the air.  Be willing to shoulder the burden with someone else.  One of the nicest things your can do for yourself is to give yourself a break and focus on your needs, rather than play the hero.

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