Signs Breaking Up is a Good Choice

Breaking up can be hard and no one can tell you that it isn’t. Even if this was a mutual breakup, there will be crying and feelings of being lonely. Chances are, you will even have second thoughts and feel that you made a bad choice when you let them go.

Before you focus too much on what a mistake you made, know that you probably made the right choice.

Here are some ways that you can know that you made the right choice by leaving your ex:

Picking Things from You

When you break up with someone, you will have moments where you want to get your stuff back. If you have to see your ex, and you find that they are not even sorry and they don’t pick their stuff up from you, chances are you made the right choice.

Why would they not be more concerned with you than their stuff?


If your ex makes you feel that you are overly dramatic, chances are you made a good choice in letting them go. If they make you feel like you are being crazy or they make you feel that your behavior is out of control, this should not be tolerated.


One of the biggest red flags is that he would ask you not to tell the reason that you guys broke up. If he asks you to lie or pretends that it is all of your fault, this is a good sign you should be glad you let him go.

If your ex lies about your breakup then he has no value in, you or the relationship that you and he had in the past.

Social Media

When you break up and you get on his social media and see that there is no sign that you ever existed, this is a good sign you made a good choice.

It is a common time for people to remove pictures and to get rid of them as friends after a break up, but this is hurtful and can cause you to have your heart broken even worse.

If you don’t want to look at old memories because of your ex, you can stop looking but unfriending them and their family is going too far.

If your ex removes you from online and he puts he is single right away, chances are you will never want him back.

Relationship Status

Another sign is having a relationship status on social media. If he has instantly changed his relationship status so that he can show the world he is single, he probably didn’t care much for you from the beginning.

When people break up, chances are they want to take time to cope with their emotions and this will happen no matter how the relationship ended. If you find that your ex is telling everyone that he is single just minutes after the breakup, he has already moved on and he probably never loved you.

Breaking up will be hard no matter how old you are and no matter what happened in the relationship. When you share your life with someone for a long time, your feelings will always be hurt when a breakup happens, and this is why you should always show respect to each other even after your relationship is over.

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