Is Your Soulmate Life Long?

Just because you meet a soulmate does not mean that this is the last and only person that you will be with.  Your soulmate will become an assistant to you and will help you to figure out who you are.  Your soul mate can make you happy, but you can also experience a bumpy ride with them.

If you find your soulmate, hold on to them and see where the relationship takes you.  See what it feels like when you are with them.  They might take your breath away right away and you might not understand that why or how this happened but sometimes this will happen.

Your life mate, on the other hand, will also do this and will be a perfect match to you in every way.  They usually don’t make you feel anxious and they always make you feel good.

They will light up your room and make you feel uneasy, but it will be a good uneasy feeling. They feel so good and so right.  It is an energy that can make you feel tingly and can make you see things differently than you ever did.  The fire will burn hot and you will always have them on your mind.

When you find your life mate, you will never want it to end and you will have heartbreak if the relationship ends or if they end up breaking up with you.  You will feel doubt and guilt and feel like it is your fault and that you will never get over it.  This can be the worst time in your life.

Soul Mate

Your soul mate is the person that will turn your life around and make you prepare for something new.  They are meant to change how we see things and destroy the things about us that are comfortable.  They will help you meet your needs and they will be your best gift.

There is also a real-life mate, and this is a person that is not your soul mate.  They are someone that helps you to grow and change and they are someone you will spend your life with.  They will not make you change things or make your world upside down.

Heart Mate

Your heart mate is the person that you are comfortable with and safe with.  They will make you feel happy and never make you doubt yourself.  They will always give you butterflies and will connect with you.  They will give you unconditional love and you will trust and know that they are meant for you.  You will have a love that will complete your journey.

Heart Mate Versus Soul Mate

You have to find your soulmate so that they can teach you and be part of your life and form a connection with you.  This is a destiny relationship and it will be someone that you understand.  Soul mates are not always lovers or dating you, sometimes they are just your friends.

Life is about experiences and when we respond to people, we have to understand what our soul is saying.  If your soul mate doesn’t work out, don’t hate them and don’t be angry at them.  Release them and know that they were there for a purpose and to give you light.

True pain will bring true joy and you will find this after your pain and darkness.  The Yin and Yang will explain what life is really about.

Don’t be afraid to fail and don’t be afraid to open up again after hurt.  Embrace what the universe brings you and let your relationships transform you.


Don’t let fear and hate come into you.  This is something that takes a lifetime to learn but each journey comes with a different path.  You have to take the path and not be distracted by what is going on in your life.

When you find love that doesn’t bring distraction and just happiness, you have found your person.  Maybe you weren’t even looking for them but everyone that comes in your life is meant to help you experience something.  There is no right or wrong how you will meet people and how they will be part of your life.

Your journey is not easy and there is no judgement on how your respond.  Your heart will always be asking for something and once you find it, you will see things different and you will see your needs met.

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