Things Women Think Men Like But They Actually Don’t

Men and women are always assuming things about the opposite sex and everyone has been guilty of this at one time or another. We assume things that they like and hate, and we do not realize that we can have misunderstandings about people.

Sometimes we wonder what we are doing wrong and why we cannot attract other people and it often happens because we think someone hates something that they really like.

Here are some things that are not sexy to all men:

Vocal Creakiness

Guys do not like when women have a creakiness when they talk. Even though women think it is sexy, guys do not like it.

Guys feel that they are talking to someone fake when this happens.

Model Body

Most guys do like girls that are good looking, but most guys want to settle down with girls that are not model type. They want to be with women that they know will not cheat on them and they do not want to date someone that is better looking than they are.


Guys do not like a girl that is dumb. They want someone that they can talk to and have a real conversation with. Flaunt good things you have.


Another thing most guys do not like are women that have tantrums. They don’t like when women stomp and pout around.

Huge Plumped Lips

Guys like girls that have big lips, but they do not like when girls go overboard on this. This is not as attractive to guys as girls think it is.


A guy will never be serious about a girl that acts trashy. He might want someone open to sex but not slutty.

Distress Ploy

Even though being in distress works in the Disney movies, most guys do not want to have to spend a lot of time taking care of a girl. It can cause him to lose respect fast and cause the relationship to not be healthy.

Door matting

Men do not want to be a doormat. They do not want to have someone that treats them poorly but shows them respect.


Guys want a girl that is quirky but is still able to hold her own and to be fun. Guys like girls that are well-adjusted and can be who they are.


Some girls believe that they can get a guy just because they are a diva, and this is not true. This is unattractive to most men.

Baby Voice

Guys do not want to have a girl that always talks in a baby voice. It is not cute.


When you pretend to be someone you are not, you can cause a guy to get turned off. You will face heartache if you think that you are turning a guy on by acting this way.

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