8 Actions that Occur When You Leave Your Soulmate

Ending a relationship is always difficult, however the pain is magnified when the stars fail to align with those of your soulmate.  The time you spent together was intense and you are having difficulty with ending this special bond.  Understand that sometimes the timing can be off can you can reunite at a later date or in a future lifetime.  In the meantime, read on to discover eight actions that transpire when you end a relationship with your soulmate.  We wish you peace during this time of grieving.

  1. You Evolve

Having a relationship with a soulmate forever alters our being.  Changes can occur both internally and externally, on both large and small scaled.  Because the pain you feel is so intense, expect your loved ones to be affected as well.

  1. The Level of Pain is Intense

Upon breaking up you will feel like a part of you is missing, because in many ways it is.  Your soulmate is your cosmic twin, and removing them for your life can bring about feeling of devasting and depression.  Although it will require ample time to heal, eventually you will find peace again.

  1. Your Concept of Love Changes

This powerful love has changed you at your very essence.  You know may desire that level of love again.  However, instinctively you know you will never expect a dynamic like that again, because no one else is your soulmate.  Instead you find peace with the various forms of love around you and focus on future romances to engage your heart, body and mind.

  1. You Will Withdraw from the World for a Little While

After a powerful love comes a powerful sense of sadness and longing.  You feel changed from who you were and need to rediscover what life is like without your soulmate in this new body.  To process this transition, you may find yourself sequestering yourself away from people.  This is normal and in time you will find your back to a vibrant life and your social support systems.

  1. You Soulmate Fully Exits Your Life

When soulmates end a romance, it is impossible for them to remain friends.  You both won’t be able to look at, let alone be around each other because your relationship is all or nothing.  Therefore, if you can’t stay in a committed romance, then they must leave your life entirely.

  1. You’ll Always Think of Them Periodically

When your soulmate leaves your life, a wound is created that can never fully heal.  Be open and honest with your feelings.  It is normal to revisit various memories and reflect upon the lessons you learned.

  1. You’ll Eventually Move On

You cannot stay stagnant in life.  As you heal, you will begin to appreciate the ways your soulmate helped change your life.  You now feel stronger, wise and more in tune with the world.  You will embrace the opportunity to find love again.

  1. You’ll Have New Loves

Although it might not feel like it now, love will find you again!  Sure, your new suitor might not be your soulmate, but you’ll be okay.  You now see love as more mystical and powerful.  Surrender to these feelings and enjoy your next journey of romance and partnership.

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