Signs You are Close to Meeting Your True Love

Finding your true love is life changing. It is always possible to  find a deeply satisfying, happy relationship, but there is an undeniably special something about sharing your life with someone who knows you and accepts you unconditionally. The Law of Attraction draws many in because of the potential of finding a soulmate. Below you will find signs that point to the idea that you are very close to meeting your true love in life.

Romantic Dreams

Couples who have met after exploring the Law of Attraction often recall having vivid, romantic dreams right before meeting. Some even say that they recognize their true love from a dream, in spite of never meeting before. It is much more common to simply wake up, with few specifics, but flooded in a sense of contentment and true happiness. Carrying this feeling throughout your day will then focus energy on attracting someone in your waking life.


So many people are drawn to romance as a way to heal themselves and correct insecurities, but you can only receive the love of your life if you have spent some time on yourself. Dedicate some time to self-care and development to truly draw in attraction. As you are working on yourself, your true love is likely doing the same. Once you meet, you can continue the journey together throughout life.


If you have recently determined your life purpose than it is likely your true love is just around the corner. When we do not have purpose, we can get depressed while feeling hollow and uninspired. This attracts partners with the same feeling. As you find your purpose and start to flourish, you will attract the same.

Love Everywhere

When your vibration is in tune with love, you will find yourself with reminders of romance popping up everywhere. This is often most noticeable right before your true love appears. This can range from romantic commercials, to love songs, and even spotting loving couples out on the street.

Know What is Wanted

Being truly ready to meet a soulmate means knowing what you want in such a person. You want a specific idea, but not one so specific that no one will ever fit the bill. Know the core values that you wish to share so you will be ready as soon as this person enters your life.

High Energy Levels

If you feel as if your love energy is higher than ever before, then expect to meet your true love. When you are with the right person you will need consistent, high, positive energy to nurture the relationship. When you are ready to give this type of energy, the universe will know. If you do not have this type of energy, look for possible drains on your life and rid yourself of them.

Trust the Universe

Law of Attraction stresses the importance of releasing your goal to the universe. If love has alluded you, then trust that the universe will provide. You will never know exactly when true love will arrive, but it could be any moment.

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