Reasons Loving Too Much is Wrong

Can love be quantified and measured? Is it possible that a person can love another too much? When in a relationship, loving too much can damage an already hurting relationship further. When you are willing to engage in improper acts and follow someone blindly, then you may be loving a bit too much. This is not being selfless and can be harmful. Here are a few reasons why loving too much is actually bad.

Having Blinders On

Reasoning is clouded when we love too much. We often do not see right and wrong, such as abuse. This can warp your form of reasoning, even to the point you are fine with a partner cheating as long as they stay with you.

Losing Too Much of Yourself

If you pour too much of yourself into a relationship, you will be left empty. A relationship takes two people and if you are empty, then it will be difficult to love again once the relationship ends.

Making Someone Your World

Don’t fall into the trap of making someone or becoming someone’s world. This causes a loss of identity. This can cause you to give up on things you love, friends, and even family. If you have started agreeing to things that alarm you, you are losing yourself in a relationship.


If you have started neglecting yourself in self-care or self-growth, then you are too into a relationship. You may miss opportunities due to a total focus on your partner. This is exhausting and you will likely wake up one day unable to love anymore.

Friend Time

When you love a partner too much, you often ditch friends who were once close. Friends are not a phase that comes and goes in life, so keep them close. You liked them long before your relationship began, do not forget them now.

Family Time

Another important group that may get neglected is family. If you start missing family gatherings and dinners, then there is a problem. Loving someone too much can hurt your family relationships as well.

Losing Track of Reality

If you love someone too much you can lose track of your own reality and standards. It is likely you will let some things slide, even though you are not happy about it. Some who love too much constantly fight, but it does not end the relationship. This is an unhealthy relationship that is going nowhere fast.


Too much love can cause unhealthy dependency on your partner. You may stop doing daily things like driving or buying groceries. If you break up, you need to be able to function. This is why loving too much is actually dangerous.

Overwhelming Your Partner

Loving someone too much means you are going to be clingy, excessively so. You may want your partner all to yourself and get jealous when they are with friends, coworkers, or even family. This can cause your partner to feel smothered as you ask them to cut all other ties. They may end up leaving you.

Complacent Partner

Loving a partner too much can lead them to taking advantage of you or becoming complacent. This can mean that they do things to make you mad because you always forgive. They may also put zero effort into the relationship because you do it all.

You Feel Discontent

If you give too much, you may expect the same from who you are with, but if they do not, you can easily become discontent. Not everyone enters a relationship the same way, do not expect your partner to be just like you. Make sure you remain yourself throughout any relationship.


Anything in excess is detrimental, including love. Not only is excessive love dangerous for you, but for your partner, the relationship, family, and friends. Keep things balanced so your relationship can thrive.

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