Find Your Twin Flame in Seven Steps

Soulmate, this a word we hear frequently.  It conjures up images of that one special person you are destined to be with for the rest of your life.  Unfortunately, society has used this term inappropriately for years!  In reality, the spiritual community looks at a soulmate as a person you are destined to encounter throughout your lifetimes.  It could be a friend or it could be a romance.  That special magickal love is actual known as a twin flame.

A twin flame is that lover who gets so under your skin that despite time and distance, the passionate love you share never fades.  Upon meeting them, you feel like you are meeting your missing half, even if you already feel like a whole and empowered person.  Some people sadly may go their whole life without meeting their twin flame.  What a different quality of life they could have experienced if they had recognized the various steps of attracting their twin flame!

Step One: Preparation

Send a message to the universe that you are ready to meet your twin flame.  Then address any work you need to do for yourself while you are waiting for your twin flame to appear.  Be ready to accept and embrace a profoundly deep and passionate intimacy.

Step Two: Initial Meeting

You will begin to sense your twin flame approaching.  You will notice signs from the universe that love is around you.  You may feel an extra bounce in your step or particularly attractive.  You could experience dreams with rich symbolism indicating unyielding love or even an image of your twin flame.  When you finally meet in person your soul will recognize them and you will feel an instant bond together.

Step Three: Romance

Wow! The connection you have will make your head spin with delight.  You will react different than you have in previous relationships.  If you were an aggressor in former pairings you might be surprised by how easily you can follow directions with your new love.  The power of your love will be so consuming, powerful and life-changing that you will feel like you discovered heaven on earth.  You will be so happy that you fully embrace new behaviors and patterns in your life.  Unfortunately, the passion you experience means that the romance is only part of the journey, next you will confront the shadow sides of your union.

Step Four: Drama!

Just like you were fast to fall head over heels in love with your twin flame, you both will be quick to experience the struggles.  Whereas typically relationships can take many months to get out of the ‘honeymoon phase,’ twin flames face hardships much faster.  You both might see qualities or events that frighten you at subconscious level.  This person is your mirror and so you both will react more emotionally to hardships than in previous romances.  If you are a demonstrative person, you may be extremely unsettled by your twin flame’s laissez-faire attitude.

During these hardships, you must tap into the personal work you did on yourself during the first step.  The more work and insight you gained during this first step, the more adept you will be at handling your side of the turmoil.  Instead of running away from the experience, as so many unsavvy people do, you can embrace the storm and help your love navigate around the murky waters so you can find success in your union.

Step Five: The Dance of Pursuit

This may be the trickiest step as each twin flame pairing is unique.  I like to think of it as a dance.  One partner may withdraw, but that can require the other to pull in.  The pursuer may understand their love’s need for quiet introspection, but work hard at finding ways that this soul-searching doesn’t become isolating.  Frequently, there is a marked physical separation as each works through the emotions behind their union and their individual feelings.  Notably both partners must traverse extreme emotional turbulence and frustrations with perceived expectations.

Step Six:  Surrender

Just because you are apart doesn’t mean critical work isn’t been done in the liminal space.  This is a time of vital self-growth so each individual can feel whole and not co-dependent on the other.  They are able to see both their positives and their negatives, as well as that of their twin flame.  Consider using this time for individual or couple’s therapy to build your self-care, coping and communication skills!  Your souls are expanding and allowing you both to reach the next stages of personal and spiritual growth.  As your inner relationship deepens, so to does the relationship with your twin flame!  They are a part of you, even if you both have taken a step back from the relationships and tried dating other people.

Step Seven: Reconciliation

Yours is soul connection.  If you are lucky, you both will find each again in this lifetime.  If you don’t fear not, because you will in one of your next ones!  If the separation was there to build your inner wisdom and spiritual gifts.  When you find each other again you will have a dynamic few can fully comprehend and present with such a sense of oneness, yours will be a love that will be inspiring to all around you.

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