9 Dating Tips for Successful Relationships

It can be great being single. You’re free to do as you want and have lots of spare time for things like hobbies, classes and volunteering. Even so, being a couple has its rewards too.

Those wanting love may sometimes find it difficult to obtain. There could be many reasons for that but some may be as simple as setting expectations or boundaries.

Below are nine dating tips that could help you build better dating relationships and potentially create a long-term relationship:

  • Review your misconceptions.

Most people believe certain myths about dating and relationships and those can block future interactions. Some misconceptions come from personal baggage created by an unstable home life, an absent father or mother, or some other trauma. Some develop from watching, and believing, too many movies or romance books. Other myths are passed down generation to generation.

  • Readjust your expectations.

Many of us have unrealistic expectations that limits us on who we talk to or date. These type of predetermined “check off” lists can run off potential love interests or cause you to overlook someone who really could be a good catch. Prioritize what is really important to you and what is simple nice to have.

  • Keep a balance.

Don’t focus all your energy on finding a partner. Keep your life balanced with hobbies, family, friends, job and other interests. Those you may be interested in you may be scared off by the scent of desperation and intense focus on dating will only drive you crazy when it doesn’t work out.

  • Build real connections.

As you date, look for real ways to connect. Really pay attention to what they say. Ask questions. Look for common ground. Most of all, be genuine. Those who want a real relationship must start out honestly and be themselves.

  • Have fun.

Some people take dating so seriously they forget it’s time to have fun. Really, you don’t need to be under that much pressure. You can have the time of your life while your single. Plus, a fun, spirited person is far more attractive to potential partners.

  • Be gracious in rejection

This can be challenging to do, especially if you are a little insecure. Realize that not everyone is going to like you and even fewer will fall in love with you. That’s okay. It just means you are suited to those people. There are lots of other people who will adore you and be incredibly smitten by you.

  • Watch for red flags.

There could be some signs early on that this person or relationship isn’t a good one. Maybe they drink too much, have a temper or are possessive. Other warning signs are if they don’t get along with your friends or family. Trust your instincts and listen to those close to you when they see warning signs of a potentially abusive relationship.

  • Learn to trust.

This can be a problem who grew up in an unstable home or who came from an abusive relationship. Don’t avoid the problem. Deal with your trust issues so you don’t frustrate people you date.

  • Nurture the new relationship.

New relationships don’t just happen. They take effort and you must be willing to invest some time and emotion into them. Make sure you have open communication so there are no misunderstandings and learn to fight fair. An argument will eventually happen, so you need rules on how to handle it without destroying each other.

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