Impossible Love

Love is one of the forces in the universe that cannot be stopped. It is magical and transforming, creating a beautiful feeling. Yet, love can take the power and use it to destroy us without warning. Something so perfect, pure, and wonderful that can make us beautifully happy or horribly miserable. When we first think of love, we often get the fairy tale image of destiny bringing two people together for a lifelong journey as their souls connect.

Sadly, love is not always a fairy tale. This does not mean this type of love is only for fairy tales, but not all will get that type of experience. This is how some unfortunately, discover the nasty side of love. This is the side in which we love intensely, but cannot be with the other person ever. This is an excruciating love that ends before it starts or one that cannot be returned.

It is possible to love someone intensely, but never be able to be together. You can give a part of yourself to that person, but never have a shot at reciprocated love. This is because love is not always enough, despite the purity and promises. There will come a time when you must realize that the fairy tales are made up and the magic is not real. Sometimes, real love takes work, hard work.

Each of us are unique. We each have traits and beliefs that are ours alone. The infatuation of new love may at first have us overlooking another’s flaws and quirks, but the truth is we are just accepting of them in that moment. Sadly, reality soon sets in and the irrationality of love is not strong enough to overcome. When we finally start to see someone for who they truly are, we realize the flaws are more than we can handle.

While we cannot find someone with which 100% compatibility is possible and love will not always be enough. You do have the chance to compromise in order to make it work or you can break it off. Sometimes, when something does not agree, the compromise just is not possible. There are plenty of reasons people who love each other cannot make it as a couple, it all depends on what we are willing to accept or compromise on as to whether it works out or not.

If we do stick it out, we risk getting hurt by the other person and possibly losing hope for the future. We become weary of love because trust has been shattered. Chances are these scars will never fully heal, so we must continue living with them. The pain of the one that got away will never die, but new love will eventually come if we are willing. It will not be the same, but it can be good.

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