Being Too Close to Your Boss

Having good relationships with your co-workers is a good thing but you don’t want to be super close with your boss.  This bond could cause you to look bad and to get in the way of your work and could cause you to lose power that you have in your career.

Having a close friend at work can lead to job satisfaction but this has to be a healthy and appropriate relationship.

Constructive Feedback

When you are friends with your boss, you need to have strong conversations about your work, sometimes,  If you are getting too close to them, you might find that you are not getting the guidance that you need to enhance your career.  Stay friends but do not get too close because they will not want ot offend you and this will cause you not to get the feedback you need.

Teacher’s Pet

When you feel that you are being singled out for projects and you feel that you are the teacher’s pet, this is a red flag that you are too close with your boss.  This can be a problem and can cause there to be bullying at the workplace and you might find it hard to get along with the other workers.

Sharing Jokes

Even though you should be friends with your boss, when this friendship goes into the workplace it can be a problem.  If you share glances and jokes that make your co-workers feel uneasy, you are too close with your boss and you need to back away.


When you and your boss are having meetings that are more about social meetings than work, there is a problem.  A meeting should not be a place where you talk about your life but when you base it on work issues.  There are agendas that need to be discussed.

Meeting Outside of Work

When you are invited to a lunch once in a while, that is not a bad thing.  But, when you are always being singled out to come to dinner or drinks, chances are you are not being normal with your relationship.  You should be doing your job and you should not be this comfortable outside of work.


There should never be a time when you have to share things with your boss like they are your therapist.  If you find that you are venting to your boss a lot and they are your buddy, you will learn to keep your mouth shut and to not be so close with your boss.


When you feel that you are on a date instead of working, chances are your boss is too close to you.  If you are awkward in situations where you have to stop them from venting or stop them from being weird, chances are you are being too close.  You have to put a stop to this behavior, and this can lead to legal problems later.

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