Signs a Marriage Could be in Trouble

While every marriage is different an unique, there are commonalities when it comes to red flags that a marriage may be struggling. If you start seeing re flags, do not simply put them aside an hope they disappear. Talk to your spouse an seek outside help if necessary. These problems will not go away on their own.

Common Signs a Marriage Could be in Trouble:

  • Lots of fighting and bickering
  • Withdrawing from one another
  • Unfair fighting, escalating fights
  • Repeated arguments with no resolution
  • Indifference, detachment
  • Fighting in front of your children
  • Preferring free or alone time to time together
  • Lack of discussion about issues or feelings
  • Lack of respect, common goals, trust and values
  • Inequality in the marriage
  • Hurtful teasing
  • Low or nonexistent sexual intimacy
  • Physical issues related to stress
  • Secret keeping
  • Not making time to try new things together
  • Spouse is isolating you from others
  • Lies, especially around money
  • Emotional or physical abuse
  • Cheating has been considered by one or both of you

Everyone who is married has had difficulties of some sort, but for some the problems reach a point in which they find themselves upset or disappointed by the marriage itself. This is distressing at best. This negative energy can be reversed, but outside help is often necessary.

To receive the best help from a marriage counselor, o so before the relationship is beyond repair. A skilled therapist can serve as an ally to help you get back on track and one who will not take sides within reason, on issues. This can create a connection and a safe space to break negative patterns. Never wait to seek this type of help if needed, because things will get worse if allowed to fester.

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