Commitments to Surviving the 7 Year Itch

What is the 7 Year Itch?

It means that during the 7 year of a relationship, partners are most likely to fall into a rut. Itch is an indication of ups and downs over time rather than a big blow moment making your relationship look like there’s a lot of work involved.

There is that point you’ll experience hard times in your marriage, either early or in the 7th year. The following are 7 commitments to help you overcome challenges that come with the 7th year and make it the best year ever.

  1. Take some time off and self-reflect.

Although marriage is a covenant between two individuals, the 7th year itch has everything to do with you and nothing to do with your partner.


You are the one to control your satisfaction with your marriage Not unless there is some sort of disrespect or infidelity involved which is not even classified as an “itch”

I am responsible for my own marriage which sucks and is also powerful at the same time.

Take some time and acknowledge all the ugly truths about yourself and take a deep look into your relationship. Self-reflection makes you have the power to make your marriage a success.

  1. Appreciate all the good things that your partner is doing.

Partners always paid attention to the negatives rather than appreciating the positives of their partner and that’s why the 7-year itch became an issue. Imagine how it would be if you both appreciate each other. Take some time and reflect on how you communicate with your partner. Tell them how awesome they are. Change that perception you have about your relationship.

  1. Love languages are real things, therefore treat them like they are.

Show affection to your partner how they wished to be loved. I know it can be both difficult and easy and it’s not possible to summarize the whole thing here.

  1. Make friendship a priority.

I really hope that everyone who posts on social media that they are married to their best friend really means it. The most favorite thing about my marriage is our friendship. Having a good relationship has made us overcome challenges and made the good times better.  This takes me to the next point…

There is a high chance your marriage will not work if you are not best friends.

  1. Do not let parenthood trump your marriage.

There are challenges you will face in life without the children. Let me tell you something, the best and the worst thing for your marriage is having kids.

It comes with a lot of challenges and you have to schedule and locate time to do a lot of things from taking them to school, waking up early, cooking and cleaning by the time you’re done you feel tired and exhausted not knowing even what day it is.

Raising kids takes a lot of time and you need to be very cautious not to neglect your husband in the process. Because at the end of the day, your children will benefit if your marriage works.

  1. Acknowledge that before marriage gets easier life will get harder.

You will encounter difficult times before everything falls into place.

Your marriage will be tested by how you stick together during such times. Difficult times will be there, therefore, you have to know how to take care of each other during those times.

  1. Be there to succeed.

Nothing much will change about your relationship if you put all the points above into consideration. Be committed to making your 7th year of marriage the best of the best.

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