How to sexually attract each other again in your relationship

The best soul mates experience this. The two of you can’t do without each other at the beginning of the relationship but as time goes by and you happen to experience hard times, the spark can fizzle.  These signs are different according to a New York City-based sex coach, Amy Levine. However, some known ones are:

  • Sex is not happening at all or not frequent.
  • Sex is a daily routine.
  • The partner who often initiates sex is rejected.

Experts say communication is key to the realization of this spark again. Be free with your partner like you can be with a friend. Never hide your feelings but be open about them.

Once you’ve started communicating well you can try the following tips:

  1. Both of you can boost your dopamine.

You can try doing things that both of you love like taking cooking classes or visiting a new restaurant.

  1. Kiss frequently.

When the relationship is still new, couples tend to enjoy kissing but as it progresses it tends to stop. A healthy relationship is realized when couples kiss, cuddle and hug often.

  1. Try to remember how it was in the past.

Just remember the good times you had sex in the past.

  1. Write down sexual possibilities

Both of you can read sex books and get inspired. You can write down at least 10 possibilities without thinking whether you want to try them or not. Then see if both of you can come up with something new to try out after rating each topic on a scale of 1-5.

  1. The mystery to be kept alive.

Regardless of how long you have been together, don’t get tired of being seductive and your connection should be nice.

  1. Understand your own sexuality.

Get yourself in the mood by reading erotic novels or watching a sexy movie. Think about those moments that you are usually sexually excited.

  1. Visit a sex coach.

Levine suggests that partners can visit a sex coach to seek advice on how to intellectually change their sex life even if they know. Having a sex coach is very important. They are very supportive and they can be accountable for your sexual transformation.

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