Dating Multiple People

Guys are often known to have intimacy issues with women, and it is hard for a woman to chase after a guy that is afraid to be intimate.  Guys can change and here are some ways that they can:

Be Honest

If you are an unavailable guy, it can mean that you are with someone that is frustrated about being emotional to you and this can be unhealthy. It is important for a guy like this to change or else it will cause problems in the relationship.

A person that has tension and works toward being emotional available will have less drama and will be able to have better relationships without having to always defend themselves.


A guy that is used to be emotionally closed off will have to work at being more open in their relationships. They have to be vulnerable and they need to admit that they are weak and what kind of situations that they have. A person that is strong will be able to appreciate what a woman is and when you are feeling nervous, learn to share your feelings and give life a chance to be better.

When you are emotionally closed off and you do not want to talk to someone, apologize and tell them that you are working on yourself.

Why You Are the Way You Are

It is important that you find out why you are emotionally unavailable and what happened to your life that caused you to be fearful of relationships. Why are you afraid of getting hurt?

Everyone has issues and they are sometimes afraid of opening up. They choose to not solve their problems but just hide them.

Simple Behaviors

A guy that is emotionally unavailable should learn to change small behaviors and start with small goals. Having goals that are too big are too hard to reach and it is better to start small.

Make simple goals like calling someone back faster or if you don’t want to hang out with someone, just tell them. Learn to be a better partner and to be more open to those that are in your life.


Don’t change just to make other people happy but learn to compromise and accept people for who they are. When you expect someone to change, you are being unfair to them and it is important that everyone in the relationship is getting what they need.

Changing because you have conflicts will end up making you and your partner unhappy and disappointed but changing because you want to be better and better yourself is okay. When you decide you want to change, do it because it is the right thing for you to do and not because someone is forcing it on you.

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