Happiness in Relationships

Most people that are in good relationships are happy and they are able to achieve more because of their happy feelings. What if there was an attribute that could decide if you will have a good relationship and if you will be happy with your partner or stressed in the relationship?

Some research has shown that there is a characteristic that can figure out if a couple is going to be happy in their relationship or not and this is more than values, intelligence, compatibility and more. The study shows that kindness is one thing that really might be missing in your relationship.


According to a study, people that are in a relationship will ask these questions:

  • Am I sociable? (Extraversion)
  • Am I kind to others? (Agreeableness)
  • Do I do a good job when I do something? (Conscientiousness)
  • Do I worry often? (Emotional Stability)
  • How do I come up with new ideas? (Openness to experiences)

Many couples who are high in agreeableness and lower in emotional instability seem to be happier in their relationships. Other couples asked about having things in common and having similar personalities, but the truth is that these qualities did not seem to affect the overall happiness in the relationship.

People are often looking for people that they are compatible with but instead of this, they need to begin to ask if the person is nice and if they have little or no stress.


If you are looking for a partner, look for partners that have agreeableness and stability. This is important on top of other things you might find attractive.

If you are already in a relationship and you feel that your partner does not have this kindness or agreeableness, what should you do? Some believe that you have to come up with interactions that can help to bring attention to these things that are lacking.

When couples want attention all the time, they are looking for someone to give them opinions and ideas because they want to have a deeper intimacy level. When someone wants attention, they are wanting their partner to have empathy, to listen and to respond with kindness.

The way that you interact can become clear in your relationships and those that are married and are miserable often do not take the time to follow these practices.

There are some simple things that you can do to build your relationship and here are some great tips:


Listen for your partner trying to get attention and then respond attentively and with kindness.

Tuning In

If you cannot always be tuned in, try to get your partner to put the conversation on hold until later when you can listen.

Messing Up

When you mess up, apologize, and ask for forgiveness.

When it is all said and done, when couples choose to follow these tips, they can become kind and agreeable. This can help people in the relationships to be happy and to get closer to each other.

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