Letting Go

We can never reach the goals that we set for ourselves if we insist on holding on to someone that we need to let go. If you have a friend or partner that is toxic and you are using the memories of the relationship so that you cannot move forward, you have to learn to let them go.

People love to hold on to things such as relationships, memories, things, and it is a way to be comfortable and to be familiar with life. This can also be something that is negative.

When you let go of people that are toxic in your life, you can learn to reach your goals and you can learn to make better choices.

When you use the past to make decisions or to justify something that you did, it can be harmful to you. Maybe you were rejected over and over and maybe you feel that having a partner will make you better. The truth is, that if you find a partner that is not good for you, this will only lead to disaster. You will find someone else that is perfect for you, but you cannot let the past or let things hold you back. You have to be able to let go of someone that is not good for you.

Being with someone that is not good for you can cause you to miss out on a relationship that would be perfect for you. Instead of focusing on someone just to have them, learn to be proactive and learn how to let go of things in your life that are not healthy for you or do not let you grow.

Letting Go

Let go of someone that is not good for you. When you meet someone though, you often will have a deeper connection to them and when you have to let go, it can be hard.

When you know that it is time to let go, it is something that you have to face and of course it is painful and hard, but it is something that you need to do. Letting go will get easier and will help you to find happiness in your new start.

When you choose to let someone go, this means you have to let go of your anger and learn to forgive. When you see this person is not letting you grow or reach your dreams, you can forgive them and go on the way that you need to go.

Even though the separation will be hard for you, you have to let go and learn to live a healthy and happy future.

Move On

The story that you choose for yourself will be your story. You have to make a decision to find a relationship that is successful and to let go of things that have held you back. Maybe you have seen divorce and so that is what you expect for yourself. The truth is that you can make choices not to get a divorce.

Just because you let go and move on, it does not mean that you are on the wrong path in life, it just means that you are seeing your worth. You cannot let other people decide if you are worthy or not and you have to stop pointing your fingers at someone else for what went wrong.

You cannot be in a relationship where you blame your partner, or they blame you because this is unhealthy. Letting go is hard but you can use this experience to help you reach a healthy and happy relationship with someone else.

Letting Go

Letting go is hard and it takes time to learn it. If you have been holding on to people that are not good for you then you have to move forward and learn to have a new story.

You have to deal with the pain and stop blaming them for your life and have an open heart.

When you choose to hold on to relationships that are bad for you, it will cause your life to be full of negatives. It can prevent you from connecting with other people and cause you to have emotional problems.

Letting Relationships Go

When a relationship is over, it can cause you to be angry or sad. You might hold it against your ex even if you are the one to end it. Maybe you realize that you were mad from the start and that your relationship was unhealthy and then you move on and meet someone new.

You might feel that being with your partner was something that was familiar and that you felt okay but your needs were not being met. You might know that you were both unhappy and see that there were a lot of negative feelings that were associated in the relationship.

These feelings will affect your life if you let them. When you recognize that you are in an unhealthy relationship, you need to move on and let go. This can make you feel happy and help you to discover a new life.

Steps to Move On

When you know that you need to move on, here are some ways you can do it:

Talk to Someone

Find someone that you trust to talk to. This can help you to let your feelings out and give you the support you need.

Limiting Self

Never limit yourself or think that you have to be with someone to be happy. Learn to take power in who you are and get what you deserve.

Social Media

When you are letting go, stay off social media. Do not be in situations where you are constantly reminded of the person you are leaving. Stay off social media and then you will not see pictures of your ex.

Take Care of You

Let go of someone and move forward and this can be the best time of your life. Of course, you will go through times where you are sad and lonely but when you learn to love yourself and take self-care, you will see that you can be happy without being in a relationship. Learn to find new hobbies and activities to be involved in.

Stay Busy

Do things that you can do that will take your mind off of your past relationship. Find new friends, go out, take up a hobby, exercise or do something to stay busy. You can even begin to journal or take up a new job.


It takes time to heal from a broken relationship. You will feel better, but you have to give yourself time to grieve and to move forward. Do not feel guilty for having emotions or for moving on. Take time for yourself and care for you until you are healed.

Moving On

Learning to let go is hard but it can be the best thing that you do. When you let go of someone, you can see things from a different perspective.

You might have been hurt by your ex, but maybe you can see that it was not intentional and then you can learn to heal inside and out.

Look at things from different points of view and learn to find your happiness. Let go of things you expected and let go of anger and resentment.

Learn to forgive yourself and your partner and learn to allow your feelings to come out. This can help you to grow.

Refusing to let go will not make your relationship better or make them come closer to you. Continue to let go of your emotions and learn to enjoy your life and be happy.

Let go of relationships that are harmful or hurtful for you. When you learn to move forward, you can grow, and you can find better opportunities where you can be successful in your life. Learn to be successful and happy and your life can begin fresh.

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