Meeting Your Twin Flame: What Happens

Finding your twin flame is the equivalent of finishing a journey that you thought you would never finish while simultaneously recognizing yourself in another form. A twin flame is a light that shines upon you when existence is feeling useless. This goes beyond feeling fulfilled by another person as a twin flame reminds you of the greatness within you and fills empty spaces you did not know you had. Below, we share what happens when you meet your twin flame, even if you were not expecting it.

New Lights

A twin flame has an amazing ability to help you see the things right in front of you in a new light. This person will show that you matter through faith and pride. You will view life in general with more clarity than ever before. Life will be more joy filled as your perspectives change.

Contagious Love

Something clicks when your twin flame is found. You, your twin flame, and those around you will be unable to ignore the love that flows from the relationship. You will glow, show deeper empathy, and laugh with greater joy when around. The relationship will be a shining example that others wish for their lives, even though few will ever get to see that type of passion. When twin flames come together there is a soul to soul connection that allows hearts to open up unconditionally. Others will be enchanted.

Passion Ignited

The journey or path on the way to find your twin flame can be frustrating, even if you are not fully aware of the effects. The connection of souls and spirits is magnetic because this person is your other half, separated before this particular time line. When you meet your twin flame, there will be an instant connection and acceptance. You will also realize that all other situations in life unfolded to bring you to that very moment. A twin flame ignites the parts of you that have been laying dormant for too long.

Emotional Healing

In past lives you may have met soul mates in different forms, but these unions often deplete energy in their chaotic nature. While soul mates teach us important lessons, they are exhausting. When you meet a twin flame, healing can begin as they will inspire you to overcome and rise above the heartache at the perfect moment. Things will begin to unfold as you step toward greatness in the presence of your twin flame.

Sense of Purpose

When a twin flame enters your life it tends to be a reminder of the path you want to be on in this lifetime. S/he can help get you on that path while guiding your passions and finalizing the things that are necessary. The relationships are full, spiritual, and emotional to allow you to take and share love. They are not one sided, but fulfilling in reciprocity. A twin flame is complementary so they may enrich your essence as you do the same for them. You will grow together, both teachers and students, to higher levels of consciousness.

Growth in Self-Love and Acceptance

The greatest part of meeting a twin flame is that you learn self-acceptance. You will learn all the mystic qualities contained in your being and see the shift that a twin flame brings to create even more greatness. A twin flame can show you who you really are in life without pretense. As you begin to grow and let go of the past, you are vulnerable to your twin flame which is safe because they allow you to be yourself with courage.

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